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Contact the CCAM/RBC Advanced Manufacturing Academy

Advanced Manufacturing Academy


  5520 West Quaker Road, Prince George County, VA 23842



American manufacturers post in-demand jobs that go unfilled every day. CCAM/RBC Advanced Manufacturing Academy wants your help to change that – for the veteran, for the displaced worker, and for our youth marginalized by the escalating cost of higher education.

Help us break ground on the innovative CCAM/RBC Advanced Manufacturing  Academy and bring good paying jobs to Virginia. Custom sponsorship opportunities, including cash and in-kind equipment and software donations, are available.

Contact us today: 1-804-722-3700


“The CCAM/RBC Advanced Manufacturing Academy will create solid, middle class jobs for Virginians and boost economic development for the Commonwealth. And as Virginia stands up a more robust, qualified manufacturing workforce, more businesses will choose to invest here.”

- William Powers, CEO, CCAM

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